Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Ask the Designers" Sunday

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Oops! We've all said it while crafting. Today we're talking about The Big Fix - what we do when a boo-boo needs attention.

Patricia's says: If I make a coloring mistake on a stamp and it's to late to fix or I have tried (unsuccessfully) to fix, I look to see how else I can cover it. I recently had an image all colored up and love it but messed up the hair. The colors kinda turned to mud on me, so I added glitter to the hair and loved it much more than if the hair came out perfect in the first place.
Another mistake I have come across happens after coloring up an image and cutting it out with a Spellbinders die. I like to ink around my images, and the mistake happens when I didn't know I had ink on my fingers and it gets on the wrong parts of the die cut. If it's not too big of an area I use a white gel pen to try and cover it but if that doesn't work I like to see what other embellishments I can use to cover it (like flowers).

Susan says: Well, when I go boo-boo, I go big! It never fails that if a mistake is going to happen, it will happen at the last possible minute. You know, right when I'm close to finishing! I rarely start over at this point, although I've been known to scrap something if it's early enough and I have enough materials to replace it. It takes me a long time to design and assemble my greetings, so I rarely make time to start over. Honestly, I know I'm my worst critic so I take that into consideration, too.

I'm with Patricia in the hunt to use embellishments to cover mistakes. Ribbon is good to cover something that isn't attached as straight as I'd like or cover a bad ink distressing job. I've learned that Stickles can be wiped up quickly without leaving a shiny residue - I've used everyhing from my fingernail to the eye end of a sewing needle to pick up little bits of Stickles or 3D glue (like Glossy or Matte Accents). Sometimes, if I can't fix it,  just accept it as a quirky detail and move on. :)

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