Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ask the Designers Launch!

(BSC #10 Winners will be announced later today. Sorry for the delay! I went to a Copic class yesterday and my brain is mush from all the driving, learning and laughing. I'll get right on it, though! -Susan)

Today is the beginning of a new weekly feature called "Ask the Designers". Have you ever gazed upon a fabulous project with your head tilted, eyes squinted to focus on a detail, thinking to yourself, "How did she do that?" We've all experienced the "non-response" from bloggers who don't want to share. It's hard enough to get up the nerve to contact someone, and to get a cold response is, well, embarrassing. So, to break through that wall we'll bare it all! *groan* We believe sharing is an important part of growing our creative community.

Crafting is creativity - some of it comes from within and some is learned. We're here to help you learn techniques, make your crafting life easier with product experiences, give advice and generally inspire your inner muse.

We will collect emails and comment questions, and post answers each Sunday. You can ask general questions to the design team or specific ones to any of us. If you want more info about something you've see out there in blogland or any product the has you curious, email or leave a comment and we will share our experiences and opinions. We're not here to sell you specific products from The Beary Scrap online store, although we hope you will visit for your crafty needs. Our goal is to share our knowledge and experiences, with the hope that we can help make your crafty life easier.

Please join in and Ask the Designers!

Susan, Gini, Patricia and Jamie

Today's question is about adhesive. Everyone has a passion about their favorite sticky stuff - there are so many on the market, how do you choose without wasting money? Ask around for the "why" as well as the "what" - everyone has different reasons!

Question: What is your favorite adhesive, and why?

Susan says: I rely heavily on 1/4" Scor-tape and Fabri-Tac. I layer a lot, and as I'm making panels I will line the edges with Scor-Tape but keep the outside protective layer on until I'm ready for final assembly. (If I sew on a layer, I will add the Scor-Tape after sewing.) It's thin yet very strong and handles the weighty cards I make.

I use Fabri-Tac for flowers and other embellies. It sticks to everything! I was annoyed by the stringiness at first (kind of like hot glue), but once I figured out how to "break" it off I was in glue heaven! One great feature of Fabri-tac is the flexibility to move things around if I screw up with placement. It takes a few minutes to set so I can move leaves around if I need to squeeze in another flower or lift them up if I decide to add a pearly stick or mulberry rose bud.

Gini says: I use lots of Scor-tape- I love it for attaching a heavy card front and for gluing down ribbons. For heavier embellishments I use Fabri-tac - and if it is something that need precision, such as a 4mm Sworovski crystal, I like to use Flower Soft glue.

Patricia says: I love Fabri-Tac for everything. It sets really fast but gives you just enough time to make any adjustments before it sets. I find this glue works the best when making easel cards I can attach the top part of my easel card and not have to wait for it to dry and I can stand it up without the back peeling down with still time to make any adjustment before it sets and I can get started right away on the bottom. I also like it when adding mulberry flowers; once they are on the card and dry there is no taking them off! This glue holds tight whether or not you're attaching buttons, metal charms, ribbon or any other embellishment. I also like it when I'm making Tear Bears because I don't always like to wait for the paper to dry before gluing. Fabri-Tac will dry nice on the damp mulberry paper.

Jamie says: I usually end up using several different types of adhesives on a layout but hands down, without question, my very favorite way to stick things on are Glue Dots. They are fast and they never come off (though sometimes you might want to take something off and it is stuck forever!) I am picky about my Glue Dots, though, my favorite brand is ThermoWeb Zots and I get sad if I can't find them. Some brands are too sticky and don't come off the roll well, I have found that Fiskars brand has this problem. I generally use medium size glue dots but always have tiny ones on hand for small embellishments and I also love to use glue lines for ribbon (Glue Lines are manufactured by the Glue Dots company).

Other adhesives I often use include the Vario Tab dispenser which is great for photos (though it doesn't stick well to heavily textured cardstock) and Xyron's small sticker maker-- this is especially handy for letters and shapes I have cut on the Cricut. For heavier items, like metal, I love KI memories GLOO-- it dries fast and holds everything. GLOO is hard to find so I stock up on it when I see it.

Other non-traditional adhesives I often use for attaching things to my layouts are machine stitching, staples (fast & cheap!!!!) and brads.

Now, what's *your* question? Email us at (or click the email link) or add a comment to our Ask The Designers page and we'll share it all!


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