Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ask The Designers: Organization

Are you organized? Can you find stuff when you need it? Today we answer your question about crafty organization.

Jamie: I really believe organization is a personal thing and there is not one system or type of containers, etc. that work for everybody-- the key is finding what works for you and then sticking with it! A few things that help me are:

• Organizing embellishments by color-- I have small round containers that stack and I keep one for each color with all types of things in it, brads, buttons, jewels, whatever!

• I keep a few open containers right on top of my workspace that I can just throw random extra things in that don't really have any other place. That way my space is cleaned up plus those things are right at hand so I can grab them when making a quick card and use them up. And, did I mention these containers are cute? They match the Americana decor of my craft room so even though they are full of random junk, they still look good. :)

• Sort out often! This way I actually remember what I have in my stash and then I am more likely to use it.

• Don't be afraid to throw a few things away-- I know this is so hard for crafters! We just want to hold on to everything because someday we might find the perfect use for it. But I have found it really helps me to cut down on the clutter by not keeping every tiny piece of paper, throwing away photographs I didn't scrap and getting rid of supplies I know I will never use (some great places to donate these supplies are elementary schools, day cares and assisted living centers-- I usually just give all mine old stuff to my kids' school and the teachers are delighted!)

Susan: I like to think of myself as the queen of organization... but the ideas seldom com out of my head and into "real life". I have succeeded a little bit and now there are a few things I couldn't live without these days. I am big on portability and easy access. If I have to dig for something I probably won't ever use it.

• Iris 12x12 plastic bins with hinged lids - I have them in the 6-pack holder/stand as well as individuals on shelves in the closet. What I really like about them is that they are stackable. I use them for metal and vintage embellishments, adhesives, punches, paints, inks, stamps... even 'life events' that still need to be scrapbook'd. *grin* Each one of those categories has it's own bin. Love them!

• Cropper Hopper 12x12 vertical storage for Bazzill card stock and non-design team papers. They are huge space savers and portable enough to carry to my work surface to match.

• Clip It Up base + upper tier - I love this! On it I have all my Prima packaged flowers and pearls; Magnolia, Gurlee Girl, Stampavie stamps; Tim Holtz embellies; The Beary Scrap DT embellies and more I can't think of at the moment. I REALLY want the floor model!

• Making Memories wall organizer. I retrofitted mine with a second ribbon dowel and added a third dowel on the bottom for lace. I use the plastic jars from Michaels for Stickles and ribbon bits.

• Brother P-Touch label maker. 'Nuff said.

I also use plastic Sterlite drawers for smaller things on my table top. Maybe one day I'll take photos - it's nothing special, but it's my space and I can close the door!

Patricia: As much as I think I'm well-organized I still seem to end up with messes but I find that these little tricks seem to help me.

1.) I like to keep as much of my goodies as I can in clear storage containers that I purchased from Walmart. I have a whole wall of them. In all different sizes.

2.) I like to label as much as I can. Most of my inks are labeled on the sides so I don't have to go digging thru all of them to find the color I want to use.

3.) Color charts, just as most of you have the Copic color chart I also have it for most of my inks so I can see the true color of them with out having to try them to get the color of them that I want. Another chart I like to use is for my rubber stamps I have them all stamped out on white card stock so I know what I have and don't buy more than one of the same one.

4.) I like to take advantage of open wall space. I have clear plexiglass hanging on my wall with velcro on it and I have velcro dots on all of my Stickles so they all just hang there ready to go.

5.) For my ribbon storage I have really thin curtain rods hanging with some of my most used ribbon hanging on them. I have two rods handing above my Stickles, plus it looks so pretty hanging there.

6.) I also use small clear draw units to hold all my small tools and pens. They come in real handy and fit really nice on my desk.

7.) For all the small pieces like brads and charms and other small goodies I keep them all in see thru fishing tackle boxes.

8.) I have a couple of different storages for my paper. I have a hanging file bin that has a lot of my plain card stock sorted by color. I also have the 12x12 Iris containers for my designer paper but also a lot of it just ends up on my shelves, its the one thing I really have to get better at storing. 

Gini: two pictures from my studio

Kimm: Organize??? What is that? I'm a MESS! I need help in this department. I guess I have an excuse... we are under construction and a major move. I would LOVE to hear some ideas from our followers on this one.

What a great idea, Kimm! C'mon readers, tell us your favorite organization tips. We love new ideas and Kimm needs 'em for The Beary Scrap's new space!

Thanks for your support - we love getting your questions! Please join in and Ask the Designers!

Susan, Gini, Patricia and Jamie

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Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Hmmm my fav? I am very frugal these days - $$ is tight so, I recyle my crystal light containers (the labels come off nicely & they are clear) I have flowers in them, dew drops & I even store my fav markers & pens, scissors, I keep this one in my little "lazy Susan" desk organizer that I got for $2.50 (bought 2 for tht price). It was white, pink & green, so I just painted the pink & green part black & whala ..I even use the diaper wipe containers.. I cut the lid off & put random embelies, left over die cuts etc. in them, & I keep my small stash of stickles in another as well. Once I get my area well organized I need to take some pics.
But my fav of all is my 2 paper rack storage that I bought from someone that had closed her store several years ago & just now was getting rid of them... I scored them for $40 each...what a steal!!!
Love the new border you added to the blog header!

Anonymous said...

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