Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Design Team Favorites

Hello dear friends! I hope your weekend was spectacular. For those celebrating Christmas - did Santa refresh your crafty stash? I hope so - he did good by me, that's for sure. :)

This week the design team decided to take a walk down memory lane and pick a favorite project by each team member as well as a favorite made by our own hands. I really enjoyed my walk through our first year and am amazed at all we've done! Personally, I know I've been challenged and stretched by my teammates and am a better crafter with each of them in my life. Thanks girls!

Gini, you might be surprised to learn my favorite of yours is a layout. You've sprinkled them here and there during the year, and this one still makes my jaw drop. I get lost in the textures and color choices of this page. Most striking, though, is your darling nephew's close-up balanced with the two of you together. This is spectacular.

Patricia: You have such a cool design sensibility, and while I love what you do with stamps and Copics, I am in awe of your tear critters. You've taken Kimm's patterns and turned them into incredible projects with a special Patricia flair. I'm absolutely *in love* with every owl one you've done - who knew I'd love the owl so much?

My favorite project of yours is this reversible door hanger for our dear Kimm's Beary Scrap work space. It combines your brilliant tear critter talent with the kindness I've come to know. You have such a great heart, and I feel quite fortunate to know you. This project is the coolest thing, and so incredibly thoughtful.

Jamie, you rock the 3D. From the moment I met you through your design team application to your most recent post on last minute Christmas tags, your creativity makes my jaw drop regularly. Most of the time I can't get off my 5.5" x 5.5" greeting card canvas and I look longingly at your projects. Your imagination has no boundaries, and for that I am grateful.

My favorite project of yours is the shaped album chronicling your daughter Lindsey's 6-year old portraits. You definitely had me at the front page and pulled me in further and further as your photos turned the album pages. I love the scalloped shape, and you used the paper and the collection's embellishments masterfully. The whole album tells a joyous story!

Elise, our DTeamie from May through August, makes beautiful cards with the lightest touch in coloring I've seen. I absolutely love what she created while on our team. As hard as it was to pick through her lush flower and ribbon embellishments, I do have a favorite. I love this gatefold card with all my heart and tried to win it on eBay. I can't get over how lightly you color your images, sweetie. I've tried to emulate the "Elise Way" without success. I will continue to admire your projects and hope to one day be able to learn from you!

To round this out, I picked a favorite out of my own projects. To me, this card was a turning point with cards. I love the textures here - from glittery Stickles to crocheted flowers and lace to the cold metal of an antique key. It's one of the first to sport a dark card stock base, which makes a huge difference to me - I'll never go back to white!

Ladies, thank you SO MUCH for a fabulous 2010! I know we will continue to grow as a team and as friends and I look forward to every single moment!



Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

those ARE some greats!!! nice choices... I love Patricia's reversible door hanger clever she is!

Patricia said...

Susan very awesome choices. I can't wait to do mine. I love all the wonderful stuff you said about everyone, how sweet.

Jamie said...

I LOVE that door hanger, guess I'll have to pick a different one. :):):) These are great choices and this was a really fun way to wind up the year.

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