Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ask The Designers: Creative Slump?

Today's question is this: How do you get out of a creative slump?

Patricia: When I'm stuck for ideas I like to blog hop or search for inspiration from the internet. If I'm stuck for a challenge project, for example "Vintage"-theme (I have a real hard time with that one), I will search for vintage images on Google. I will also ask fellow designers for help with ideas. You never know when your mojo is on a break that someone else has extra to share. When you're stuck for an idea don't be afraid to ask other people; we all have been there and you never know they may give you an idea you never thought of.

Gini: There are some days that I just have no creative mojo - and I usually just stop and don't try to force it to happen. Then in the next day or so, I will be inspired by a new paper or stamp, or might even have a great aah-ha moment as I fall asleep. If I try to force myself to be creative, it just turns into a disaster!

Susan: I completely agree with Gini - I have to walk away and let time pass. Usually a couple of hours away from the studio will realign my noodle. I've also thumbed through Magnolia Ink magazines to see their detail work - there is always something that inspires me. I've been thinking a lot about techniques lately, so reading about something new can also get the juices flowing.

Now friends, it's your turn - What recharges your creative batteries?

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