Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Patricia's Year in Review at The Beary Scrap

I just have to say that I can't believe that we will be in 2011 in just a few days. This has been such a fun year and I can't wait for the New Year. Some people know that my son was in Iraq all of 2010 and just came home December 1st and I can take a big breath that he is home safe. I know that there are lots of more Soliders over there and I hope they all come home safe. I am looking forward to getting to spend some much needed time with him now that he is home. 
When we first said we were going to pick our favorites from each other I thought how easy! Wrong!! There are so many wonderful projects from all of my DT sisters that this was more harder to pick than I thought. 
First up is me, this card was so much fun to make I just love making all of Kimms Tear Critters. Her patterns make you look like a pro.

I can't even tell you how long this card sat on my desk I just love it.
Susan has quite the flair for Magnolia all of her cards are so cute and she always has lots of layers on her cards. She has made me up my A game many times after seeing her cards. This card is an older card but I love all the layers and the nice spring colors.

Gini's cards have a "Gini" style. Her cards are so cute and if you need any distressing inspiration just look at her cards. I still haven't mastered the distressing but Gini makes them look so easy. Gini is the Distressing Queen.

I just love the blue's in this card and all the layers.
Jamie I think takes the most fun trips. If you just look at all her layouts they do so much as a family, I have even in the past asked her if I could be adopted. 

Now I didn't choose one of Jamie's layouts but this awesome project she made. This is one of those projects you look at and say why didn't I think of that. I just love this!!! When Jamie doesn't make a layout for the week she always has some kind of very creative project.
Elise cards are so pretty. You can tell she puts so much into every card she makes. Now she is no longer with The Beary Scrap and you have to go stalk her blog to see all her pretty cards but I love this clear card she made and I still want to make one.
Elise's cards always have nice clean lines and lots and lots of flowers. I actually have one of her cards and they are so much more prettier in person than what the picture can show.
Now Kimm being the store owner has only gotten to play with us a few times but when she has the time she has some pretty awesome cards.
I love all the layers of this card and the colors are so pretty. I hope now that moving the store to her home she will get to play with us some more in 2011 I would really love to see what other hidden talents she has up her sleeve.
I just have to say that each one of my DT sisters all bring something different to The Beary Scrap and each has there own style. No matter what your style is one of us I'm sure has something you will like. There is lots of fun new challenges in 2011 and I hope you all get to play with us.

Thanks for looking.


Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Such a great selection, Patricia! Wasn't it fun?!

I forgot about that Easter card... I think it's still knocking around in a corner or something. :) I couldn't believe how hard it was, too. Looking through, I could see little bits and pieces of everyone's style that has made it into my own work - you all are such an inspiration!

Awesome to have included one of Kimm's cards... I think I'm going to get demoted 'cause I didn't... oops. Still love you loads, Kimm!

Jamie said...

Patricia, your post is really sweet, you really hit on everyone's style and how it makes up the team! I love all the projects you picked and breathing a little sigh that I had picked different ones for my post. Ha-ha. Hugs! Jamie

pinky said...

Wow what a brilliantly talented line up, they are all so gorgeous and so different.

Axel....{Carol} said...

Thanks Patricia,great post,im a newbie here and loved to see all the styles.....I just wish i made such stuning cards.When time allows,i would love to try some,i sont have the special pens but i could start a carol style lol.All the very best for the new year to every one xoxo

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