Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ask The Designers: Making Time To Craft

We all live such busy lives with kids, work, husband, home. We're pulled hither and yon throughout each day with no end in sight. Today's question is this: How do you find or make time to craft?

PatriciaWhen Susan posted this question my answer was simple, I don't sleep! LOL. Most of my fellow crafters know that I'm up all hours crafting and it works out pretty good seeing how I have made friends all over the world with this wonderful hobby.

I craft anytime that I'm not working. If I'm home you will find me in my craft room. I love making crafts so much I really wish it was my full time job. Usually after I get home from work I get dinner done and then I am in my craft room till about 1 or 2 am. When I am at work my brain never stops thinking about the current challenge or project I have to make. I do a lot of brain storming when I can't work on my stuff, I pretty much have it all laid out in my head before I start. 

Susan: Killam Creative (greeting cards) and Killam Creative/Studio (jewelry) are my "day job", so I'm in the studio all day, every day. Each and every project is time-intensive - whether it's designing the card (some times I take a day or two to figure something out... it really should be easier!) or creating intricate silver jewelry from raw wire. Some days I might just work on one thing for hours... *sigh*

I'm also taking time to learn the best ways to promote the business online, and right now I'm spending a lot of time on research and finding my audience.

I generally stop working when my husband comes home and head back to the studio after he goes to bed. I can't make as much noise with drills or heat guns, but it's just as good. Plus, late at night I know I have friends doing the same thing all over the world - it's comforting to know they're "out there" and fun to chat online as we're all gettin' our craft on. :)

Now friends, it's your turn - how do you find or make time to craft? Do you have little ones in the house? How are *your* juggling skills?

Thanks for your support - we love getting your questions! Please join in and Ask the Designers!

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Lisa M. (aka. Lisabee) said...

I have found that it seems the crafters who can create absolute masterpieces are the ones who tend to NOT have children under schoolage at home! LOL! Which must be why I have YET to create a masterpiece! LOL! It was a lot easier to have crafting time before my baby was born (Aug 2010) because my older son (age 4 1/2) just plays in whatever room I'm in and needs little assistance with things...but now I have to make time...and usually have to keep it Clean and Simple...unless I craft once the boys go to bed...but then I'm wore out and ready for bed myself! LOL! So I have to choose...Craft? Sleep?

So I've learned to craft in stages. Do one stage...take care of the baby/house/ the next stage...repeat cycle! Which is why it now sometimes takes me TWO of THREE DAYS to get one card done!

Ah, the things we do to hang on to our obsessions! :)

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