Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meet Suzie!

Hello fellow followers!  I have 3 more introductions for you before we go live with our Gals on Monday.  Oh My, where did the time go?  Are you getting excited yet?  I know I am!

I'm still waiting on some "bios" yet, and I am lacking a photo, but I'll update that very shortly.  If you haven't noticed, I added 3 more photos on our sidebar.  These girls make up our "In-Store" designers.  Although they do not have individual blogs yet, we will be posting for them in the upcoming weeks.

Right now, I'd like to introduce you to Suzie.  We don't have a photo yet... someone wants to get a haircut first - LOL.  I'd like for you to meet Suzie.  Suzie has a really cool style to her scrapbooking.  She generally scraps 1 page layouts, but all of us at the store agree that her style impressive!  Clean, simple, and elegant.  We all love her methods.  She's been attending our monthly crops for the past few months.  As we've watched her scrap photos of her kids (and her pictures are also AWESOME!), we ALL knew that if she applied, she was a MUST HAVE to our team!  We are so lucky to have her.  She *WILL* inspire you to take a entirely different approach to your scrapbooking when you really need to get caught up.  This is what makes our team of designers so interesting.  They all compliment each other so well, but it isn't the same 'ole stuff all the time! 


Hi! I'm Suzie... and I'm always wishing there were more hours in the day. I'm married with 3 children and many animals. We own a horse farm and I give riding lessons. I am also a private consultant in college financial aide.

Scrapbooking became a way for me do do something just for me... without any feelings of guilt. Everyone benefits; me, my children, my friends, and my future family.

My style is simple (not alot of time), of the "moment" (not chronological), and definitely from a different perspective - photo orientation.


I know that Suzie will help you look at  your scrapbooking at a totally differnt angle.  I've watcher scrap 3-5 layouts in at an evening crop with simplicity and elegance. I know you are going to love her style!

Until later (and I really mean later!)

Hugs & Smiles!

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