Friday, March 11, 2011

A Sincere Thank You

Have you ever had one of those moments when you feel like everything is going really smoothly, your happy with whatever your working one and then suddenly something comes to your mind and you realize you're actually an idiot? Well, I had one of those moments this morning when I started taking pictures of the card I've been working on, looked up at my bulletin board and thought "Hmm-- what is that sketch for again?" Oh, duh! It was the one I was supposed to use THIS WEEK and I FORGOT! Thinking about this week with a Thank You theme, I knew the perfect card I wanted to make-- I made it, took lots of pictures of the process so I could show you all and completely forgot I was supposed to be using our Challenge Sketch! So, my apologies to you all, but here is my card anyway!

I really was excited to make this card to share-- I just recently learned how to make these Slider Cards and I think they are so fun! I originally learned how to make these from Nancy Keller, check out her fabulous blog and a video tutorial here.

And here's my own version of a Beary Sweet Thank You Slider Card!

1. Cut a piece of cardstock or heavy designer paper 12 inches x 5.25 inches.

2. Score this piece at 3.5 inches, 7 inches and 10.5 inches. This will leave you 3 equal sections and then a small 1.5 inch section at the end.

3. One the 1st scored section, trim each side down .25 inch

4. This will leave you with a shape like this that is the base of your:

5. Now, you will need a plastic shopping bag (it doesn't have to be Walmart, that's just what I have!) Cut a two inch strip from the bag.

6. Wrap the bag around the section of your base that you trimmed down. Wrap the bag fairly loose, this will be the "sliding" part of the card. Tape the bag with scotch tape firmly to itself-- make sure that you do not tape the bag to any part of the paper, only to itself as it will need to move. Trim off any excess plastic.

7. Next, cut two pieces of designer paper that are 4.5 x 3.25 inches. These are your slider tabs.

8. Place the first slider tab over the section with the plastic bag taped on and line up the top of the tab with the top of the neighboring section.

9. Tape the bottom of the tab to the plastic bag, again, make sure the tape doesn't touch the base of the card just the plastic bag so that it will slide freely. Also, make sure it is taped firmly so it doesn't pull off.

10. Now flip the base over and repeat with the second slider tab, lining it up with the top of the neighboring section and taping it firmly to the plastic bag. The slider tabs are ready.

11. Now, on the third section (the one next to the small 1.5 inch end), create an indentation to show the hidden tabs-- you can use a circle or scallop punch, cut a rectangle or triangle, anything to show off a little of what's hiding beneath. I chose to have my indentation on the bottom of the card but you could place it on top.

12. Now go ahead and fold your card and adhering the small tab to the back to hold it all together.

Now you have something that looks like this:

And by pulling carefully you 'll have two tabs that slide out for more fun space to embellish and add your message (don't pull too quick or too far, it's really hard to get the tabs back in if they are pulled too far, I have done this!)

And there's your card, so embellish away! I used the Echo Park's Little Girl collection papers plus diecut stickers and tags, many of which I cut apart and used differently than originally intended. I popped up some with foam dots added Lavendar and Glam Pink (brand new!) Stickles and then attached my Tear Bear on the front. Here is my finished card showing the inside tabs.

Now, finally, I am to the bottom of my post and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a huge THANK YOU for supporting The Beary Scrap during the last year-- we owe all our success to our wonderful customers and followers! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

ps-- I am also celebrating the one year anniversary of my blog and am offering some birthday candy, here is a sneak peek--

--please visit my blog for your chance to win and don't forget to enter our Beary Sweet Challenges this month for more chances to win one of our 5 Birthday Presents!


Sarah said...

I love slider cards and yours is extra gorgeous! Hugs

Cheryl Walker said...

Aww this one is super cute, I sooo want to make one of these slider cards tooo :) thank you:)

Patricia said...

Very cute Jamie the awesome tutorial made up for your oops, love it I think I have to try this.

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Wow, Jamie - this is really cool! I haven't seen this card style before and love it! Happy blog anniversary to you!


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